41 Impressive Psychological Tricks That Can Influence Anyone

The world is an interesting place as people are not alike. The difference in outlook and behavior is something that keeps the interest levels ticking. But sometimes having people comply and come over to your side becomes important. It is then that one looks for ways and means to achieve this herculean task. Well, we have compiled a list of forty-one psychological tricks that are sure to impress and influence people. Read on to know what these are.


  1. When you have lots to do but little or no enthusiasm to get it done, try using the timer method. In this method, you need to set 10 minutes as your time to complete the task on hand. This method kicks in motivation and you may find yourself extending the first 10 minutes by much more.
  2. When you need to confront someone without offending them with the aim of getting the job done, try using passive voice. You could say, “The meeting was not fixed” instead of “You did not fix the meeting.”
  3. If your aim is to get close to someone, try addressing them by their first names. You’ll find that the person responds to you instinctively. Take care as to not overuse this trick as it may backfire at times.
  4. When you find something tough and boring to learn and imbibe, try teaching the same to someone else. It is quite likely that it will begin to resist in your mind as well.
  5. When you are hoping to crack an important deal, and find that the other person is not quite forthcoming, just maintain eye contact and remain silent. You may find this person relenting albeit reluctantly.
  6. When you want to make an impact, try the gifting option. When you offer a gift, you’ll find the person changing his opinion about you.
  7. When you are in a hurry to close a deal, using notifications such as, ‘’last three seats left’’ help make an urgent impact resulting in fast closure.
  8. When you want to assign a task to someone, try giving them an option to choose between, ‘’tough and original task (this or that).’’ You’ll find them attempting the task wholeheartedly.
  9. To calm a crying baby, simply look into his eyes and smile. This trick will divert the baby’s attention and the resultant immediate smile will warm your heart.
  10. When you want something, try asking for something bigger than that as people are more likely to agree to your original request after turning down bigger requests.
  11. When you want to get someone to grant you bigger favors, you must begin with getting them to agree to smaller ones. This trend will enable the bigger requests to be granted soon.
  12. If you want people to believe in you, you must act as if you know what you are doing. Confidence begets trust.
  13. During negotiations, once you are done speaking your mind, you must stay quiet and observe the proceedings. There is no meaning in reiterating your points.
  14. When you are confronted with different views and want to present your own without sounding loud, you can try saying, ‘’I agree with what you are saying, But.’’ This kind of statement uses a balanced approach while handling different views.
  15. When you are looking to build trust, start with admitting to smaller things so that you gain the other person’s confidence. This helps in fostering a bond that would go a long way in sealing faith between the two of you so that if you were to commit a mistake, the other person would give you a patient hearing.
  16. When you are looking to make an impact on others and get your point across, maintaining the right body posture is important. It is good to maintain eye contact, not cross your arms and legs etc.
  17. When locked in an argument, take care not to lay down all your cards at once. Make it a point to save your main argument for the last and use only secondary points to stand your ground. When you find things going in your stride, flash your main argument to win.
  18. During an argument, when your actions and speech portray that you are amicable to both the conclusions, the argument soon fades away.
  19. If you want to gauge a person’s character, observe how he treats people that are of not much help to him. Notice how he treats the cab driver, the waiter etc.
  20. If you find yourself caught in a heated argument and want your way, try saying, ‘’yes, and’’ instead of using but.
  21. When you want your opponent to give himself away, simply allow him to speak as much as he wants to. You will find the person disclosing and erring after some time.
  22. Most people love talking about themselves. So, the next time you find an awkward silence brewing between you and another person, resort to asking questions and you will find them only too happy to oblige.
  23. When it comes to making jokes on oneself sportingly, not many pass the test successfully. One way is to ask the person to repeat the jokes several times in front of others so that the joke no longer remains a joke.
  24. When someone tells you something that was already shared by him earlier, instead of brushing him off by saying, ‘’ How many times will you say the same thing?’’ you may say, ‘’I remember you having shared this earlier as well.’’ This positive statement can save a friendship.
  25. When you wish to make a good impression in your first meeting, plan something remarkable so that it creates a permanent memory in that person’s mind.
  26. When someone is explaining something to you and you find that you already know the concept, do not attempt to intrude. Listen to it anyways as you may gain a patient ear for yourself in future.
  27. When your aim is to make a deep impact quickly, nod or smile at a few keywords that interest you when the other person is speaking. Repeat the nods and smiles whenever the person utters those words. By doing this the other person comes to know how you keenly observe and may develop a soft corner for you.
  28. When in public and find that you feel someone’s gaze upon you, simply yawn and turn back. The person that has been staring at you is most likely to yawn as well and you can spot the person easily.
  29. If you want to get people to agree with your point of view quickly, try speaking fast and with excitement to achieve your goal.
  30. When you want someone to help you immediately without thinking much, begin your sentence with, ‘’Do me a favor.’’ This makes an immediate impact as the other person gets caught on an ego trip and your job is done faster.
  31. When trying to sell your products, try and offer an add-on along with the product instead of a discount.
  32. When you want the deal to close in your favor, offer a cheaper option with not much scope along with your intended option.
  33. If you want people to take notice of what you say, tell them that your father taught you those principles. You’ll find that you suddenly have keen listeners.
  34. For those that work in the customer service department, it is good to hang a mirror behind the front desk. When angry customers approach the desk, they would see their faces and change their expressions leading to calm discussions.
  35. If you want to be a good leader, never act surprised.
  36. When you wish to know more about people, crack a joke and observe people as they laugh. People that are close tend to look and nudge each other while laughing. This can give you an insight as to the friendships and relationships.
  37. When you meet someone for the first time and want to create a strong impression, use a firm handshake. Make sure your hand is warm before that.
  38. If you feel that a person does not like you, try requesting to borrow something small from them. As much they would resent it, they would part with the item and may also end up changing their opinion about you.
  39. When you wish to commute peacefully in busy areas, try to gesture and nod at a direction and go the opposite way. People are more likely to take the route pointed by you making it easier for you to commute in the other route.
  40. Is a song stuck in your head and you can’t seem to get it out? Think of the end of the song and the song will disappear from your head. People try to remember incomplete things.
  41. If you want to become a champion at rock, paper, and scissors, try asking a question and begin saying rock, paper, and scissors without waiting for the answer. Most people are likely to utter scissors.

Source : troab.com