Parents Freak Out When They See Footage Of Their Daughter Playing ‘Alone’ With Dolls

Parents Freak Out When They See Footage Of Their Daughter Playing ‘Alone’ With Dolls

Halloween is the start of a busy holiday season; children, (& some adults), take advantage of the last day of October to dress up in costumes meant to frighten and entertain.

I recall as a kid being so excited for dusk so that I could start my trick-or-treat adventures. Some houses in my neighborhood would be decked out in goolish displays – over-sized spider webs, witches, monsters, goblins, ghosts, and skeletons. It was all in good fun; no menace attached to seeking candy or dressing up.

Along with filling pillowcases with delicious candy and coins, I loved watching a scary movie. The heart-pounding anticipation of the plot and characters reactions caused me to jump in my seat. It’s the rush of adrenaline that ebbs and flows as your held spellbound by the story. But what if the plot to the horror, thriller, suspense or mystery movie were real-life instead of fiction? Would you react with the same breathlessness?

Some folks believe in the supernatural. They claim to have experienced something other-worldly. Ghost Hunters and other renowned paranormal investigators such as Ed and Lorraine Warren, for instance, have spent decades using science to prove there’s another dimension beyond this earthly world we live in inhabited by both human and nonhuman entities alike.

Atheists or those who follow a specific religious structure have their own opinions about the supernatural. Despite the proclamations of science, skepticism of nonbelievers, or the acceptance of those who have experienced something unexplainable, it all comes down to individual incidences and one’s interpretation of them.

I have experienced things I can’t explain. Did they frighten me? No. But did I have an encounter of some sort? Or did I just think I did?

On the one hand, our minds can play tricks on us. We can write something off as nothing at the conscious level solely by reasoning that it’s dark out. I thought I saw an object move. But did I? Or was it just in my mind?

Other times, at the unconscious level, we swear we’ve experienced something. What if there’s visual proof of an unexplainable event? Is the photo or video actual, acceptable proof?

You decide.

This little girl was playing alone in her room. Oblivious to the dolls and other toys around her, she keeps amusing herself as something unsettling takes place n the corner.

Watch the video. Keep your eye on the doll in the corner. Did you see what happened?

Whether you glimpsed it or not, watch the video again. The doll’s head turned ever so slowly and slightly.

That’s not all. More security footage captured another moment that, this time, the child observed. At first, everything appears ordinary as the girl is seen coloring in a dimly-lit room. Keep your gaze on the looseleaf sheets of paper on the table across from her.

See how they seem to flutter of their own accord toward her? There is no fan running in the room; no breezes blowing through to explain how the paper moved.

The child is scared by this and runs away. Wouldn’t you?

If these two clips don’t convince you these events were caused by a ghost or something supernatural, there’s more surveillance footage below. Have a look…if you dare.