Drinking Tea better than drinking water! The reason Why Experts Suggest it

Why experts suggest drinking tea is better than drinking water sometimes?
Tea is great, the beverage can appease you when wake you up, when you need an extra push or when you want relax. Consuming tea is also very easy. Now know the reasons of drinking tea every single day.

1. First of all, tea is easy to make than any other drink, specifically comparing to make coffee.
For making a cup of tea, you just need a cup, boiled water and tea. Having afternoon tea is a genius idea to conduit the long gap between lunch and dinner.

2. No doubt green tea is more power full drink that could have the power to help remain your bones healthy. Studies showed that consuming green tea is helpful for elderly people lowering the threat of osteoporotic bone fractures.

3. Consuming black tea could help you fix your bad breath. If you have a problem of halitosis, you should start consuming unsweetened black tea. Researchers of Dentistry at the University of Chicago College found polyphenols in black tea, which chemical components slow down the developing of plaque-causing bacteria. The polyphenols also help to prevent periodontal disease by reducing acid production levels. 

4. Tea has the influence to calm you down. Research suggested that valerian root tea could act as a sound and effective calm natural sleep help. According to a German study, either valerian root tea or a prescription anti-anxiety drug was given to 202 sample adults and the people who took valerian extract got similar improvement in sleep quality, feeling rested as like as those taking the prescribed drug. 

5. Tea could prevent your seasonal allergies before you even get them. If you suffer from seasonal allergies you can start your day with a cup of nettle leaf tea. According to a preliminary study that followed 69 people and revealed that freeze-dried nettle leaf tea could somewhat improve allergy symptoms.”

 6. Drinking tea can be better than drinking water sometimes, some experts suggest. Researchers of Clinical Nutrition at the European Journal originated that tea rehydrates you as same as water does by restoring fluids in your body. Moreover, there is an added bonus in tea as antioxidant components. “Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it’s got two things going for it,” Dr. Carrie Ruxton, a public health nutritionist said in a talk with BBC.

 Tea is considered a necessity of life in China, may it will be for you too. According to the proverbial “seven necessities of life” by the Sung Chinese people, tea is considered one of the seven every day necessities to the Chinese  people along with chiang, rice, oil, firewood, vinegar and salt.
source: huffingtonpost