Death Alert! Know Why Sleeping With Your Feet Facing The Door Could Be Fatal

Sleeping do’s and don’ts

While growing up, we hear our elders cautioning us from doing things this way or that way, with fear of its ill-effects on our lives, but we wondered why so? From not-shaking legs, to keeping an open vessel upside down, everything thing has purely scientific reason behind it. So, does ‘sleeping with feet facing the door’ actually attract death? Let’s find out…


Healthy tips for sleeping position

Both Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui, give high importance to positioning of bed. Not only does it means to assure you a good night sleep, but also magnetizing a healthy ‘Chi’.

Hours of sleep

An Individual spends their major part of the day sleeping (almost 8-9 hours). This means that your body continues to be in the same position i.e. lying down, for longer period of time.

Hazards of Multitasking

Unlike, the rest 15-16 hours that are spent doing multiple activities, which means your body, is in constant motion.
Good night’s sleep

This means the sleeping room must serve as a sanctuary from the world, but somehow not all of us get that right.

Why feet must never face the door 

The bed must be positioned away from the door; you feet must never face the door. In the Indian culture, only the dead are positioned that way.

Avoid bed in line with door 

While sleeping your body release positive ‘chi’ all over your body that heals you both from the inside and outside; facing the door would rush your chi out of the room.


A body’s positive ‘Chi’ is most vulnerable to the evil ‘Chi’ when they have an easy access. With your feet facing the door, your body becomes the softest target to evil ‘chi’; which can be fatal to an extent.

Position of the dead 

A dead person is placed feet facing the door, as the evil ‘chi’ would have no effect on them.

Body soul during sleep


Another reason why one is advised not to sleep with feet facing the door is that many believe that after sleep, one’s soul becomes a defenseless target to the negative ‘chi’, which attracts them to slide away from the body.

Correct placement of bed

Be it a bathroom door or verandah door, an individual must avoid sleeping with feet facing the doors. In case of construction restraints, make sure to place the bed and permanently shutting the door; blocking any kind of ‘Chi’ entering the room.

Corrections as per Feng Shui

In case of a bathroom door, make sure to keep the toilet seat down all the time and closing the door tight, giving no way to your positive ‘chi’ draining down the toilet; as it takes away your health with them.

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