How to Cope Up With An Angry Wife?

We are going to teach you a few gestures which are going to help you stay away from unwanted fights and arguments. Your angry lioness is about to become a cute little bunny for you, if you follow this article properly. These ways are tested and have turned out to be successful.

Give your wife compliments 

Every woman fishes for compliments, no matter who it is or at what age she is at. Female brain works in a very complicated manner. She might mature with time but she always loves compliments. This is why we hear so many cases of women cheating on their mates, because they get new electric love from others which you have faded out for her.

It is not much to ask, just tell her that she looks pretty in her red dress, or any dress she wears. Tell her that she looks beautiful without makeup. We humans tend to care for others when we ourselves are treated nicely. Be someone who always leaves an impression and a smile on her face. Give her some love while leaving for work and she will guard that love the entire day and wait for you.


Women like to spend their time outside of their house. Take her out for a nice meal and ask her to dress up gently. This kind of behavior is not only going to make her happy, but also make you calm. Take her out like you are still a teenager, because love has no boundaries. Take her out to her favorite places and places she likes to go. Take her out and make her feel young again. Hold her hand like you’ve just started dating. And keep showering her with compliments throughout the night.

Offer a flower

It is a simple practice but quite an important one. The more you make someone feel loved, the more they tend to love you. It is a give and take situation. A flower doesn’t even cost a dollar, so on your way home, buy a flower for her sometime. Keeping in mind the kind of flowers she likes. It is the purest form of love and expression of love.

Give her gifts and remember important dates

Gifting is the oldest trick in the book, this ignites feelings and care. Gifting someone something that they hold dear reminds them of how much they care for you. Keep a note of the dates which she holds dear to her. Her birthday, your anniversary, the first day of college, the first time you guys met and when you guys went out.

All these dates have significance for her. So this time, bring her things which she holds dear. Listen to her carefully, if she hints you to buy her something, get it for her and surprise her with it.

Give her respect and receive respect

This is the most essential thing in life. Not only with your wife, it is applicable with everything else. Giving respect to everyone around you and your wife is very important. Respect is quite important when it comes to your woman; she feels that she is important to you.

The more respect and care you show towards her, the more she respects you. She will treat you the way you are meant to be treated. Now don’t give up if things don’t work out in the first place. Everything takes time and so will she. She will need some time to register the fact that you are changing your ways towards her, once she has, you’re good to go.

Keep her tamed

You can’t remove the physical from the emotional. If you are connected to her emotionally, it is important that you keep her satisfied physically as well. Yes as age does its magic, things wear out but yes you can always consult your doctor and keep the love ignited. Keep interested in you and your life. Make her feel like she is the only woman that ever mattered to you.

Let her visit her folks quite often

Keeping her busy and occupied with work is the main deal. The more time she spends alone, the more crazy she becomes. You have to keep her from getting paranoid, so take her to visit her folks or friends every now and then.

Give her the space she needs. Ask her to join some kind of social work that keeps her busy around the clock. Let her go and make decisions for welfare. The more a woman works for welfare, the more care is ignited into her for fellow beings including her family. So make sure she lives in her safe space with you.