Lizard Gives Hints About Bad Times, But We Should Never Kill Lizards. Know the Reasons

In India, animals have been respected, regarded and protected in several ways down the history. The Indian culture has interspersed a lot of environmental friendly acts and also those measures that promote ecological balance on the earth with the cultural practices, injunctions and beliefs. Lizards are among some of the prominent animals that ought not to be killed as per the Indian belief.

It is said that God speaks to devotees through several modes, one of the most prominent modes being the vocalising made by the lizards. In some homes, it is still believed that their ancestors and gods visit their house and reside there in the puja room or the other places to watch over the people and indicate good and bad omens to them during important occasions.

Falling of lizard on various parts of the body and the vocalising of the lizard at different places of the house carry different meanings and these are some symbolic messages that are conveyed to the inmates of the house. In shastras, the Gowli shastra or the shastra of lizards is a very important one in Indian tradition.

Lizards thus being the messengers of gods and indicate good and bad omen to us, it is said we must never harm them or kill them. Killing lizards is said to involve a great amount of sin that has to be atoned later over several births. Therefore, it is made as a rule that lizards should not be killed as they also facilitate the communication between gods and humans possible.

Lizards have also been worshipped in some temples. For instance, in the Sri Rangam Ranganatha Swamy temple, the image of a lizard is carved on the compound wall in the route where people usually take circum ambulation (pradakshina) after worshipping the Lord. It is said that having the darshan of this lizard is highly auspicious in multiplying the effects of good deeds we do.

In the Varadaraja Swami temple in Kancheepuram, there is a special place adjacent to the sanctum-sanctorum (garbhagruha) where the images of a gold and silver lizards are found on the ceiling. A visit to the temple is said to be complete only when the devotees visit this place and touch the images. It is believed that these lizards were two Gandharvas who got their curse lifted in the temple long ago with the blessings of the Lord.

We find the Indian tradition attempting to safeguard the animals. While most of such beliefs could be superstitions since the rationale behind venerating them have been lost to us over the passage of time, it is important to note the underlying message that looks to promote the welfare of all beings and intends to maintain the ecological balance.

Lizards are found very commonly in most of our homes. They stick around on the walls and feed on the insects that they come across. They are harmless and innocent. Instead of questioning whether it is sensible not to kill lizards, we must only appreciate the good intention behind this belief.

There are many such things in the life of every person, which indicates about the future. In such a situation, many kinds of things have been told about the coming of good and bad days.  Today we will tell you how the lizard gives its indication when the bad time comes. The lizard gives some signs that if you get it, then you should understand that your bad time is coming. You should take every step carefully because if you do not do this then you will have to face bad situations. Today we will tell you how the lizard gives you an indication of your bad times.

Whenever you come into the house from outside and then suddenly you see a lizard in the house, then Rahu has entered your life and now it is going to be very bad with you. You should take some care and be careful about everything.

If you see a dead lizard while going out of the house, then you should not leave the house, because it indicates a big accident and if you do this then you can be a victim of a big accident.

When you see a lizard in this way, or if it happens to you, then you should worship in the temple. You should feed a hungry person and if you want, you can also feed small girls because by doing this your bad time can be averted.