CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Never Existed


“Washington’s enemy is an enemy that doesn’t exist,” says Michael Scheuer, 20 year veteran of the CIA and former Chief of the bin Laden  unit.

In his book, Through Our Enemy’s Eyes, Scheuer documents how counter-effective the war on terror was in stopping terrorism.  In fact, says Scheuer, it created more of it.

He believes that giving the people in the Middle East something to focus on, in this case, American troops on the ground, is resolving them to band together and giving them something to fight for.  He believes that, were we to pull our troops out, the fighters would begin fighting amongst each other instead and the coalition (now, formally ISIS) would break apart.

He believes that the Israeli lobby is the main reason the US was pulled into war in the Middle East.

He also points out that the “spread of democracy” that people in the United States seem to use as justification for war is a near Marxist idea, pointing out that militarily forcing your ideology on another is a dangerous risk.

The phenomenon of al Qaeda and ISIS is a result of forcefully installing pop-up “democracies” around the area, including Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, he says.