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Important Signals When your Body Seeks Help


The human body is a perfect mechanism, where millions of processes happen simultaneously, and whenever a body function is impeded, it sends certain signals to us. Yet, we often ignore these signals and fail to address the issue on time. Therefore, it is of high importance to learn to recognize these signs in order to prevent […]

Your Nails are Direct Reflection of Your Health


Early detection of any ailment is the first step for less suffering and early cure, and for early detection you may not always have to go to the doctor. Some diseases can be detected by easy symptoms shown by your fingernails. Early detection of any ailment is the first step for less suffering and early […]

You Should Not Believe These Myths about ‘Hair Care’


Several hair care myths comprise of plucking grey hair, fixing split ends, braids as well as hair fall, dryness after hair washing, and the quality of available hair products. To help you achieve your best, healthiest hair ever, we’ve uncovered and debunked the most common hair care myths below with a few tips and tricks on what actually […]

Improve Your Immune System by Consuming this Anti-Aging Super food


Did you know that the most antioxidant-potent superfood known is a mushroom that grows inside the bark of birch trees? This super food has shown benefits in fighting cancer, boosting the immune system, improving cholesterol levels and staving off aging. Inontus obliquuus, commonly known as chaga, has been used as a food and traditional medicine for hundreds of […]

Prevent Hair Loss and Have Healthy Hair


For most, panicking by it and running around the expensive salons to get a hair treatment might look like a great idea but the beautiful truth is that now you can also manage to get hold of this bad situation at your home and that too alone. The best way to prevent hair loss is […]

Amazing Unusual Ways of Burning Calories


Not everybody is a fan of working out in the gym. But weight is something that a lot of us worry about. Simply because, if the scales tip too much this way or that, it can lead to health issues that no one wants to deal with. A healthy human body needs to maintain a […]

Ancestral Diet Leads to Lower Health Risks and Longer lifespan


Some recognize it as Decolonizing Diet, Ancestral Diet, or Tribal Food Sovereignty. In short, following an ancestral diet means eating wholesome, natural, organic Indigenous foods  just like our ancestors did for thousands of years. One of the main reasons many people have been on a modern day diet is easier access to food. You can fulfil your cravings quick and even get […]

How Stress Affects Your Whole Body?


Many wise men have always said that “Manage your stress or it will manage you.” This is a very sad reality of today’s fast paced life where many people are suffering from it. Be it from any reason- personal or professional- the above saying holds true today more than ever. What most people don’t know […]

Most Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods


As genetically modified (GM) foods are starting to intrude in our diet concerns have been expressed regarding GM food safety. These concerns as well as the limitations of the procedures followed in the evaluation of their safety are presented. Animal toxicity studies with certain GM foods have shown that they may toxically affect several organs […]

Relax and Feel Fresh Simply by Using Acupressure


This is an easy to do 10 minute exercise for hand reflexology to give you a relaxed and fresh body. You would just need to pinch every finger tip as well as thumb of the right hand for few seconds. After that, simply reverse and then repeat the same process on the left hand too. […]

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