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It Causes Your Brain Damage and Liver Failure Daily


Because of today’s modern world, it’s all too easy to overload on sugar. Sugar is in almost everything we eat, including breads, yogurt, fast food, and microwavable meals. Unfortunatley, when individuals eat 10 to 20 percent of their calories in sugar, they can become malnourished and unhealthy. Recent studies show that high levels of sugar […]

FDA finally admits 70 percent of chickens contain arsenic


Arsenic is a chemical that is present in both organic and inorganic forms.  The latter, which is much more toxic to humans, is shockingly present in chicken meat.  Its presence is not a natural one, however.  Food companies intentionally add arsenic to the meat to give many store-bought chickens a healthy-looking coloring and plump appearance.   […]

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