Before you Eat Another McDonald’s French Fry…Watch this Video

[credits: livefreelivenatural]

The beloved McDonald’s French fry; it tastes so good, but it’s so bad for you. The question is: are they actually food?

McDonald’s french fries are just made out of potatoes, maybe a little salt, and frying oil…right? Wrong. McDonald’s began a ‘transparency’ campaign recently to try to improve its image among health conscious consumers, but this campaign has left people even more concerned about what’s in their food.

It’s been found that McDonald’s french fries actually contain 17 hazardous ingredients!

Not only are there 17 or more ingredients in this simple “food”, but the question remains about whether McD’s fries are actually broken down when we eat them. The video below shows that bacteria, fungus, and other micro-organism won’t even eat these fries. So it leaves us wondering whether our bodies actually break them down, or do they just fill our stomach?

In the video, you see that the fries from a regular restaurant had to be thrown out because they decomposed so much. We’d like to see if fries from other fast food restaurants are also so heavily laced with preservatives that bacteria and mold cannot eat them. We’re guessing that they are.

After watching this video, will you still be eating McDonald’s french fries?