How Drugs can damage your Body, your appearance !

We all want fun, to live our life to its fullest, and for some, intoxication seems to be a good means of it. Many of us may believe that without drugs life is pale and no fun, that it bring us close to heaven. BUT wait! that all is temporary, only unless the effect of drugs fades away can you enjoy it. Or else why do you have to go on again and again, day after day for it, but then there are worse that they give to you beside addiction.

There are consequences, miseries. They not only weaken you emotionally  but also physically and damage your body and your looks. Yes looks! we all spend so much time to look pretty and beautiful, but that all is ruined with the course of time. All of this from drugs, just for few moments of illusionary enjoyment!

Be it cocaine or meth, oxycodone or heroin, people are consuming them all and for pleasure, but the fact is that the enjoyment is temporary and the scar is permanent.

It always starts with fun, but that is its trap.
Every time you take drugs, you are actually killing your body, and it’s a slow death.
It makes you dependent, addict, loose focus from reality, your goal and aim. The more drugs you take the more miserable you become. You look pathetic, behave pathetic and even become pathetic with time. The only solution is to quit drugs, but then you don’t want to do it. This is because you are too much in love with the illusion which drugs gives you which is actually far away from reality and it makes you enemy of your own self.