245 Americans Asked This Minor 10 Yr Girl To Strip

Meet Sweetie, the  Girl Who Has Identified 1,000 Pedophiles  Across the World


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This is why Child Pornography happens openly

This is Sweetie, a computer generated 10 year old Filipino girl.

She has recognized more than 1,000 Pedophiles from different parts of the world!

A Dutch human rights group working for children has acknowledged an unexpected number of sexual predators who were game for child pornography- through webcam sex.

Highest number of such predators who asked sweetie to indulge in most sexually explicit behaviours were from:

  • The United States of America (highest with more than 250!)
  • Britain (110)
  • India (103)

This is mostly due to well paying men from developed nations paying money to minors from less developed countries for sex shows through webcams.

This has to be stopped immediately as it is forced against the minors.

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