Month: July 2019

Sinful Indulgences That Are Good For Health


You can simply play a deaf ear to most of the old dictum in life that prevent you from indulging into sinful acts. Research has revealed that some of the “so-called” sinful indulgences are actually good for your health. Spot what’s your favorite vice from the below list that will keep you in heaven and […]

Do You Know What Women Want From Men?


Women want a closet full of Prada and Gucci! No they want lifelong free subscription of cosmopolitan! Or perhaps they want much more than. It has been a matter of debate among the male folks for decades and some observing individuals say that even our Creator (God, undisputed) does not what this adorable species want. […]

Who is responsible for breeding racism into children?


Racism. A simple enough word that should not mean discrimination and hate, but it does. In the world of equality, racism holds no place but we are far away from living in that world. In the name of religion, caste and color, we take it and then dish it out. And our children, no thanks […]

Successful People Never Have These Behaviors


Do you feel you have lost control of your professional life and things are not going the way they should’ve or the way you wanted them to be? Then it’s time you brought out some changes that create an outlook which brings a new pair of lenses to look at things differently. You must adapt […]

Living in Wind Turbine in the future


Who would have thought that wind turbines could go a long way in becoming homes to humans? Apparently German Designer, Goetz Schrader did and his wind turbine residences concept is already creating waves, due to all the reasons. Wind energy has been harnessed by humans for centuries now. With better science and technology, we have […]

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