Do You Know What Women Want From Men?

Women want a closet full of Prada and Gucci! No they want lifelong free subscription of cosmopolitan! Or perhaps they want much more than. It has been a matter of debate among the male folks for decades and some observing individuals say that even our Creator (God, undisputed) does not what this adorable species want.

But not to worry guys, you may not get to the bottom of the whole secret but you still can get around the edges. First thing you need to understand is times have changed. Now, women definitely want much more than a well provided-for food, clothing and shelter. The woman of today prizes her independence, respect and unconditional TLC. Well, speaking of the independence, here are some hard facts which your woman want from you.

Be more than a millionaire

According to a recent online study, women choose their partners on the basis of the traditionally valued traits; compassion, reliability and open-mindedness. Factors like income, employment and wealth were on the bottom of their ‘wanted’ list – as opposed to what men have been thinking all the while. A lady wants her offspring to be with a partner who is kind and who they can depend onto. How much cash you have in your pocket is the least important thing you need to worry about.

Be more about their nocturnal satisfaction than yours

Though this could be, impliedly, covered in the regular TLC, there are guys who need to get it spelled out. Do not, absolutely not, treat your woman as if she is a sex machine and all you have to do is ‘put it in and out’ and everything is roses. Hell No! Why do you think she loves Gerard Butler and moons over the romantic fiction protagonists? Before jumping in for the straight dive, engage in a playful banter and show her that how beautiful and attractive you think she is. There is much more to a girl than her breasts and ass – kindly show her that and you will be rewarded.

Be Dominating – in a loving way

Now you are confused again. Didn’t you just hear that they love their independence? Ok buddy, let’s give you an example. If your girl comes home tired from work and you are there before her, then DO NOT let her cook for you or do your laundry. Command her to do nothing but eat, sleep and get cuddly with you. What will you get? A look of pure adoration and love that will melt your bones and tickle your toes. The point here is be dominating when it comes to taking care of her and making life a loving expedition for her. A woman loves it when she knows that she has a strong shoulder around to let herself loose.