Take a look at your Navel! If you have one of these ‘Shapes’ you might want to read THIS!

What shape is your naval?


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To study this subject you need to pay close attention to the different umbilical formats, according to experts on the subject, the various forms of protrusion of this scar can say a lot about your personality in general. With this in mind, we selected a list of some curiosities about some of the different belly button shapes. It is worth checking!

1. Outstanding Belly Button

The protruding belly button shows strong character. This indicates that the person is often stubborn or persevering. However, you cling to beliefs and opinions after you give full attention to those thoughts. The person with this belly button likes to be in the sparkle of publicity and in the center of everyone’s attention.

2. Big and deep

People with large and wide belly buttons have big hearts. In other words, your generosity has no limitations. The holder of this type of belly button does not tell their loved ones and colleagues about their misfortunes in life. As a men management expert, she treats people very well.

3. Shallow and small

The thin and small navels highlight a person’s dark personality. She can keep secrets and understand the negative side of other people. Most likely, she doesn’t trust others except relatives and acquaintances who are close to her. The holder of this type of belly button is usually reserved to the point of being strange, since he has gone through many things and gained much experience in life.

4. Downward

The downward navel is just the opposite of the previous form. It means low energy level. However, this is just the physical side of life. The person with this type of belly button does not like work or manual activities very much, but excels in tasks that require intelligence.

5. Oval Form

The egg-shaped navel is often linked to hyperactivity and over-sensitivity. The person is impatient and needs things to do all the time. It is natural for her to get tired quickly and to find something new every time.

6. Wide Belly Button

People with this belly button contour are those who do not immediately trust others. On the other hand, the people they trust mean a lot to them. At the same time, they study carefully how people treat him. One of your principles in life is to treat others as they are treated.