Sinful Indulgences That Are Good For Health

You can simply play a deaf ear to most of the old dictum in life that prevent you from indulging into sinful acts. Research has revealed that some of the “so-called” sinful indulgences are actually good for your health. Spot what’s your favorite vice from the below list that will keep you in heaven and enjoy these alluring addictions guilt-free.

Crazy Chocolates

Chocolates are rich in flavonoids that take care of your stress level and blood pressure. They improve alertness and reduces the risk of insulin resistance. So start using that chocolate syrup in your refrigerator more often.

Ambrosial Alcohol

Alcohol is bad but only when taken in excess. Moderate consumption of alcohol can actually add years to your life. Two drinks a day can keep you away from Alzheimer’s, heart diseases and other chronic problems. Be sure not to get carried away!

Sensual Sex

Who-so-ever said indulging in sex is a sinful act must have been devoid of the pleasures involved. Even science has proved that lots of sex boosts up immunity. An active sex live ensures enough production of human growth hormones that make you look younger. So don’t limit your sex-life to the night!

Creamy Coffee

Oh we love waking up to the aroma of a cup of rich coffee! But alas! Coffee is bad for health, right? No more. Moderate intake of coffee keeps away depression, blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even helps in staying slim. It is because of coffee is rich in antioxidants.


Wine is known for its properties good for your heart. Only thing is that you have to take it in moderation. Don’t go above one 5-ounce glass a day and it will make your blood vessels flexible and boost the good cholesterol.

Sinful Sun bathing

Sun bathing is no more a waste of time. It gives you energy and alertness and vitamin D make your body inaccessible to heart disease, cancer, and fragile bones. However, don’t forget to use a good sunscreen lotion!

Stimulating Sleep

Now you got another reason to stay in bed for a longer time period! Ample sleep makes you slim, improves immunity, increases memory and energizes you for the hectic day. Human body needs seven to eight hours of sleep at night! If you love sleeping then don’t feel guilty, it makes you healthy.


At a time juices were known for heavy sugar and calories. But now researchers say that people who intake fruit and vegetable juices are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Juices also reduce cholesterol but you need to check labels to ensure it is 100% juice.

Pepperoni Pizza

Did you ever think someone someday will tell you that eating is Pizza is healthy? We are telling you now! Just make sure to use whole-wheat crust and top it up with lots of veggies and low-fat cheese and you are good to go!

So next time someone makes you feel guilty about any of these proverbial forbidden apples in the Garden of Eden , don’t have to break a sweat and just give into the temptation!