Did Indians Fly the First Plane which they even used for Space Travel?

Indians used planes to fly thousands of years ago and also used them to travel in the outer space and planets other than earth, says the recently presented research paper in the Indian Science Congress. This paper which specifies the evidence that there were aviation planes designed and operating in India a long while back before the Wright brothers built their first plane, has been originated by a retired pilot Captain Anand Bodas.

To some of you it may think this is absurd but apparently some of the world’s leading academicians and researchers think differently. Here are the fast facts that were presented in the paper and can also be seen in the Hindu epic Ramayana. This paper is based on the findings written by Maharishi Bharadwaja thousands of years ago in India.

Planes were used frequently to travel between cities, countries and planets around 6000 BC

Yes, you heard that right. The age when you thought humans were lighting fire by rubbing stones together, Indians were already way ahead of their counterparts. according to the Ramayana, there were airplanes in that era which were highly sophisticated and used 40 small engines to fly. If that was not enough, it is also being said that the travel between the planets i.e. other than earth was also accomplished by Indians.

Highly advanced radar system

When you look at the radar system utilized by the airplanes of today, they work fine and alert the plane about the other planes in the vicinity by showing a blip type shape. But not the aircraft of ancient Indians, no, they were so advanced that showed the shape and size of the other planes flying around, says the research paper presented at Indian Science Congress. This radar system was called Rooparkanrahasya by the Indians.

Special diet and uniform made of algae for ancient pilots

The claims do not stop there. It is also said that the diet of the pilots who flew the ancient planes was unique and consisted of milk of cows, buffalo and sheep. This special diet helped them fly the aircraft with much more ease and they could feel connected with their planes. Likewise, there was a special kind of costume made of underwater grown plants which helped them operate their airplanes. Now, speaking of connection with the aviation machines, this is much like what was shown in the movie Avatar, where the flyer and flying horse could be connected cosmically.