Living in Wind Turbine in the future

Who would have thought that wind turbines could go a long way in becoming homes to humans? Apparently German Designer, Goetz Schrader did and his wind turbine residences concept is already creating waves, due to all the reasons.

Wind energy has been harnessed by humans for centuries now. With better science and technology, we have been able to make the most of this power source and now, within a decade we have been able to harness 10 times more wind power from a single turbine than ever. It is a concept that has numerous commercial implications and has helped economies go wild.

Goetz Schrader introduces Wind Pecker to the world

It is with his futuristic vision that Goetz Schrader has been able to bring out such a concept to representation. After all, who would have imagined that our wind turbines and residences could be one and the same thing some day?

He has named his futuristic wind turbine residences project as Wind Pecker. Basically, what Wind Pecker demonstrates is a series of residencies designed in a twisted format around the wind turbines. These residencies would obviously be highrise. One major attraction of these houses would be liberty from managing any power grid systems. Yes, they will have a wireless connectivity to the outside world. Who would need wired power connection when the power source would be right on top of the roof?

Living in a turbine? Probably No!

In practicality, it is just a design, which is hard to be brought out from the papers and built in real. Why you ask? Apparently, here comes the cons of this project. The vibrations and sounds from the workings of the turbine’s fans and engines would be of a big amplitude enough to cause ruckus in the homes.

The idea of living under a turbine is unsettling enough. What makes this idea more impractical and life-threatening is a poorly maintained turbine.

But we all have to agree, when we first read of this idea, it seemed progressive and interesting. The design by Goetz Schrader is imaginative. His project, Wind Pecker has potential, but needs a little more practicality other than just architecture.

Other Alternative to the Idea

To put this idea in a much realistic direction, this design can be used for enhancing vertical farming other than residencies. Farming should be a preferable alternative as the turbines already get ample of sunlight and wind supply, which is exactly what is required for farming too. It could be used for farming not just vegetables but fisheries and more so.

Seems much practicable now, Mr. Schrader?