A Quick Look In The Toilet Can Tell You If You’re Healthy!

Have you ever thought how well do you know your body? All of us wish for a happy and healthy body as it is an important asset of our life. We don’t want to be bogged down by any sort of disorders and wish to live life to the fullest.

It becomes very important to know how healthy we are and whether our body is functioning properly as required. You can do that by just taking a quick look while you are in the toilet.

The Bowel Movements

You should drink lots of water and eat food which is rich in nutrition but it is equally important to have regular bowel movements.

It is good to have one complete bowel movement a day, however, some people do have 2-3 times a day. This is due to faster metabolisms, robust bacteria or the quantity of food you eat.

The Textures of The Poop

The color and texture of your poop reveal good information about your health. Let us know how

Hard Lumps like Nuts – Eat Lots of fruits and drink as much water as you can in this case.

Smooth and soft, Sausage-shaped – An indication of normal poop and a good health.

All Liquid, No Solid Pieces – If it’s watery then you are sure to be having some infection or diarrhea. Keep yourself hydrated.

Sausage-shaped but Lumpy – A normal Poop but still eat fiber-rich food and more of liquids.

Additional Details

Soft Blobs – That’s normal with clear-cut edges but your body needs more fluids

Fluffy Pieces, Ragged Edges – A mushy stool, still a normal poop but indicates diarrhea

Soft and Sticky – This indicates that fat is not absorbed properly by your body and chronic pancreatic disease can be the reason.

Shades of Poop

Above facts might have blown out your mind but that’s not all. Apart from texture, the color of poop also indicate facts about your health.

Just look at the chart and you will understand better.

Interesting Facts

Some facts to be sure of when you talk about poop.

Your poop is made of bacteria, any undigested food, dead cells, and mucus.

The food that you eat turns out into poop after 1-3 days.

Be sure to keep yourself hydrated always to ensure good health and fitness throughout the day.

Where does your poop fall among the above-mentioned list? What do you do to keep it normal? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.