11 Interesting Differences Between Men And Women

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. This is very true because the brains of both the sexes are wired in a completely different pattern.So, the battle of sexes will never cease to exist.

Here, we bring to you the contrasting exceptions between men and women.Read on to know.


Day’s Kickstart

Men and Women take a different approach while getting ready to work. While for men it is just about getting their basics done, for a woman the steps and time required are much more.

Apparel Choice

While the men are not left with much choice when it comes to their clothes, there is no dearth of choice for women.

Visit From The Other

How do men and women react, when they have a visitor from the opposite sex?

The Breakup Story

The sordid phase of a breakup between the two sexes.


A woman is always subtle in her approach as compared to her male counterpart.

Impressed Yet?

When you want to get a woman’s attentions versus a man’s!

Notch Up Your Game!

The seduction game is much easier when it comes to the guys.

Groomed And Done

Have you ever noticed how unfair the whole system is?

Shampoo Anyone?

The innate specifications that are to be considered while choosing a shampoo!

This  Side Share

This picture summarizes every man’s sleeping woes.

Color Game

The perception of colors varies quite radically between both the sexes. The guys could as well be color blind.

Do you know any more differences between the two? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source : fewunknownfacts.com/2017/08/10/11-interesting-differences-between-men-and-women/