This Is How Chinese Clothes Are Poisoning You. If You Notice a Weird Odor, Get Out of That Store!

As the clothing industry has exploded, so have shortcuts. Unfortunately, that sometimes means your clothes may be poisoning you.


This is particularly true if your clothes have come from China, which frequently make use of chemicals banned in the European Union and United States.

As Greenpeace has noted, as many as 20 popular fashion brands use other, detrimental chemicals which don’t only endanger the health of people who buy these clothes, but they also harm the environment.

If you ever had a rash that you couldn’t explain, redness, insomnia, or headache, the main culprit may be your T-shirt, skirt, panties, or your linens with Chinese origin – and the more synthetic clothes you wear, the greater your risk of problems – including dermatitis, lung problems, infertility, and even cancer. As a result, avoid buying products which contain materials like nylon, acetate, acrylic, triacetate, polyester, and rayon.

Dyeing is especially a problem since these colors are toxic, cancerous, and even flammable, and besides being colored, clothes with Chinese origin contain chemicals for resistance to stains, chemicals for reduction of electricity, chemicals against bacteria, unpleasant odors, etc.
As a result, you should avoid clothes manufactured in China and opt for clothes which are made of organic cotton, linen, one of the most potent natural fiber, hemp which is naturally-resistant to insects so it doesn’t require fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides during production, silk, a reliable source, however, make sure it’s not processed with synthetic dyes, and organic wool as well.