Month: April 2017

10 Stories That Will Make You Believe in Fate


Sometimes we seem to end up in the right place at the right time as though in accordance with someone’s will, leading us to think that this is “simply fate.” We have found 10 stories about how coincidences changed people’s lives for the better. I moved to a new rented apartment. I’d been living there two weeks. One day, I decided to organize a spa day for myself. I smeared myself from head […]

10 Incredible And Unsolved Mysteries of India


India is a land of mysteries and wonders, which has always allured and fascinated people with its strange riddles and questions waiting to be answered over a long period of time. Here, there is a very thin line between the truth and the fantasy, and standing this thin line, one gets entrapped in the realm […]

Here Are 10 Ways To Avoid Work At Office


You may have had stayed awake last night, the last thing that you would want to do the next morning is to wake up and go to the office. Alas, it has to be the first thing you need to do. Your face might be narrating the night’s story, but your boss won’t budge. Well, […]

The Bigger Your Brain, The Longer You Yawn


Researchers have found evidence that the length of a yawn can indicate how big your brain is, and how many neurons you have, which could explain why humans yawn longer than other mammals. The discovery is based on the fact that animals, such as gorillas, hippos, and elephants – which are bigger than us but […]

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