Here Are 10 Ways To Avoid Work At Office


You may have had stayed awake last night, the last thing that you would want to do the next morning is to wake up and go to the office. Alas, it has to be the first thing you need to do. Your face might be narrating the night’s story, but your boss won’t budge.

Well, there are many ways, you can dodge the work at the office and it would largely depend on the nature of the work you perform.

How to avoid work at the office?

1. Pretend to be stuck with your code

If you are a developer at your workplace, the best excuse that you can put up is that the code isn’t working. There can be several reasons for it and by the time, you pretend to fix the issue, you can sit back and relax without doing the work. At the end of the day, just report to the manager that you have successfully resolved the issue.

2. Show yourself as super busy

If you are apprehensive that your boss can burden you with more work, when you do not feel like working at all, what you can do is to appear super busy. Stay tensed and talk to yourself discussing the problem. Look natural and do not overreact!

3. Stay ignorant

Not doing work is important to be around in the company. When you work endlessly, you will finish it. When you finish it, there will be lesser work and your company will be downsized, which may lead to loss of job.

4. Indulge in website maintenance

There are many such activities in the office which are tailor-made for those who do not wish to work but still be there. One of such work is maintaining the website of the office. Unless your company is into web development, it will not have a dedicated personnel for website maintenance. You can volunteer to be the maintenance guy. You will surely have no work to do, but you will still be doing a decent job.

5. Take office activity in your hands

There is one more such job in a company which no one wants to take up. It is the job of office publicity. You just have to manage who has the upcoming birthday, who died, and who has what to sell in the office. You will not require any special skill to do the work, and no one will criticise you too, fearing, they would have to take over.

6. Learn new skills

You can convince your manager that you want to learn and stay away from the work. Most companies encourage their employees to enhance their skills so that they can be more productive for the company. Learn whatever, you have planned at any point of time. You will have a great excuse to not work and at the same time, you will also learn something. Even if you do nothing during the so called “learning period”, who is going to test you anyways?

7. Use the file corrupt tools

To avoid a day’s work, you can use the file corrupt tools which corrupts the file as soon as it is opened on another system. Relax the entire day and send a corrupted report file at the end.

8. Be the network guy

If your office does not have a dedicated network guy, volunteer to be one. Google and learn the basic which is more than sufficient to handle small issues which crop up rarely.

9. Manage the coffee pot

If your office does not have a housekeeping staff, you can manage the coffee pot and not work on the pretext of being busy with it.

10. Pretend to be sick

If you do not feel like working at all, pretend to be sick and rest for the whole day.