20 Funny Texts Sent to the Wrong Number


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There is a reason why Gmail introduced an undo function after sending an email; phones should have the same option. We’ve all done it. Sent off a text and immediately realize it’s to the wrong person, sometimes to the very wrong person. It’s especially awful when it’s:

# Your parents,
# Your spouse,
# Your boss.

Luckily for us, the screenshot function gives us a chance to share some of the most ridiculous text conversations with the rest of the world, and in the new age of social media nothing goes uncovered.

If you’ve ever suffered a really bad sending error, look away. Otherwise, scroll down and enjoy some of the worst (and funniest) offenders on the net.

1. Starting things off, we have a mother with some time-honored advice for her daughter. I wonder what Jenny would have said?


2. She is definitely not talking about her math homework. My guess is they’ll be doing some much-needed extra studying for the biology final.


3. An excellent, disarming smile is what usually follows wearing braces. This person should be happy that he’s working on improving his appearance. The very least you could do is not text the guy whose braces you’re going to insult.


4. Way to keep a secret, mom. Now we have no idea if Matt will even get there on time, or whether Maya will say yes!


5. One of the worst cases of sending something to the wrong number. Semper Fi, brother. This person might want to get tested just in case he somehow did sleep with this wrong number last week.


6. Donna doesn’t play around, and it doesn’t pay to talk behind people’s backs. But, to be fair, she didn’t actually answer the question. Does she want to hang or not?


7. Perhaps don’t immediately text people about your date. That’s becoming a pattern here. You deserved that Jeremy, you’re right.


8. How old is this kid that you thought you could fool her like that? She has a cellphone and uses “WTF,” making her an adult (or a very potty-mouthed teen). Jenny definitely would have noticed, Mr. Dad Cell.


9. It’s not that she was stupid enough to send that to Val, it’s that this was her third strike. “I was cold so I came to sit in the sun” is probably the worst excuse anyone has ever used.


10. Here, a woman thinks real life is a television show. You don’t need a convenient excuse, just stand up and walk out the door if it’s really that bad.

PAY--Most-awkward-wrong-number-texts (4).jpg 02

11. Holy cow, Antonia had a round in the chamber for that one. Don’t mess with her because she will end your world.


12. Hey son, it’s just an inside joke. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t get it. It’s just between us. Don’t tell your sister. Or anyone else, they won’t get it either. You know what, just delete the text.


13. This woman has the sassiest 3 AM comeback I’ve ever heard. By the way, Daniel is mad at you for missing his birthday and you should feel terrible.


14. At least the son is understanding and gives his father some space. Anyone enjoying deep-diving in the pool should have some privacy. I assume that’s what he’s talking about.


15. Not only would this be awkward as hell if it was her mom, now there are so many more questions involved. If only his assistant didn’t have the same name as his daughter.


16. The fact that Kayla stands (or texts) defiant for another message is the best part of this. Oh, to be 18 again and think that you’ve just inherited the earth.


17. She’s going to need some magic to get out of this one. Don’t worry though, the top secret information is sure to be locked down—Chelsea definitely isn’t going to tell anyone.


18. First, gross. Second, didn’t she think the “what about your mother” question was weird? Who did she think she was texting?


19. Oh my! This is both a dad joke and a dad fail at the same time! I feel bad for “Pricilla,” who probably has to get him coffee every morning too.


20. That is a morbid response for a simple wrong number. Clearly there are unresolved issues there. Get some help, dude.