8 Tourist Spots That Send Chills Down the Spine

Traveling and checking out new places is not only fun but it is also an enriching experience, as you learn about a new place’s culture, food, leisure, and language. However, not all tourist spots are beautiful and entertaining.

Read on to know which are those places which might scare the flesh off your bones.

The Island of the Dolls (Isla de Las Muñecas)

This island is located in Mexico. according to the legend, Julian Santana Barrera found a doll near a canal where a small girl drowned to her death. So, Julian began to compile an eerie doll collection to appease the girls’ spirit.

Garden of Bomarzo (Sacro Bosco)

Located in Italy, it was built between 1548 and the 1580s for Duke Pier Francesco Orsini. It contains many sculptures like that of Hercules, Aphrodite, and Cerberus as well as the leaning house and gate of the Underworld. It was renamed as ” Park Of Monsters” and reopened in 1954.

Ghost Town Centralia

Located in the USA, an accident in 1962 turned this town into a Silent Hill. An underground fire which is still burning was caused by firefighters who burned garbage at an abandoned coal mine. The fires, unfortunately, spread to the coal seams.

The Hill of Crosses (Kryžių kalnas)

This hill is located in Lithuania. According to a legend, there was a peasant whose daughter was seriously ill, so he set up a cross on the hill. The girl soon recovered and thus since then, new crosses started to appear there. People seriously believe that if they leave a cross here, their wishes will be fulfilled.


“Hand of the Desert” (Mano del desierto)

This sculpture which measures about 11 meters is located near Antofagasta, Chile. As per the author Mario Irarrázabal, the sculpture symbolizes loneliness, injustice, and helplessness. However, this sculpture falls prey to people’s vandalism and hence needs to be regularly cleaned from graffiti.

Aokigahara Forest

Situated in Japan, although the name translates to “Plain Of Blue Trees”, it is nicknamed as the “Suicide forest” as the suicide rate in the forest is quite high. The authorities here have taken stringent measures to prevent the suicides by having the place patrolled and installing cameras and helpline signboards along the paths.

Ghost City Ordos Kangbashi

This place situated in China is nicknamed as the Ghost Town, mainly because it houses 20,000 residents but the city was designed for 2 million inhabitants, which creates an illusion of an absolutely empty city. The reason behind this is due to the high property prices and financial problems.

Christ of the Abyss

An art exhibit was created in 1965 and three statues were sunk into the Mediterranean sea. Other copies were sunk along the Florida coast as well. It creates a surreal feeling for the scuba drivers to have the majestic statue tower above them, surrounding the whiteness of the ocean floor.