13 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About ‘Trainwreck’ You Probably Didn’t Know About

13 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About ‘Trainwreck’ You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Amy Schumer’s career is on fire right now. She’s honestly everywhere lately and I don’t think anyone is really complaining. From magazine covers, to constantly being interviewed, to releasing a book, she does it all! Her movie Trainwreck was pretty hilarious as well.

The woman is absolutely hilarious and usually says anything and everything that’s on her mind. Trainwreck is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and will laugh every single time. A lot of us have seen it multiple times.

But like with any fan-favorite movie, we sometimes wonder about the stuff that happened behind-the-scenes of the film. We want to know what had to go into this movie to make it as good as it was. Or simply just hilarious things that didn’t make it into the movie.

Here are 15 behind-the-scenes facts about Amy’s movie Trainwreck that you probably didn’t even know happened. After you read this, you’ll definitely want to watch the movie again…probably for the 30th time!


1. Remember the cheerleading scene? Well, Amy spent about two months practicing with a cheerleading squad for her dance number. Apparently, it was the hardest thing she’s had to do!

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2. Some of Trainwreck is based on Amy’s childhood. Her dad really does suffer from multiple sclerosis and even at first she wasn’t sure about putting it in the movie, she figured it would help other kids going through the same thing with their parents.

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3. Chris Rock was on the set during LeBron James’ scenes. He actually came up with a lot of the lines that LeBron said in the movie.

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Remember the famous “Downton Abbey” line in the film? I think a lot of fans secretly hope that Chris Rock came up with that line and that both of the guys watch the show.

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4. Amy originally wrote that she wanted a “Tilda Swinton Type” when she described her character’s boss. Once Director Judd Apatow found out, he called Tilda and offered her the part.

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5. John Cena plays Amy’s “boyfriend” in the film. The wrestler actually had to practice with a male stunt double for his sex scene with Amy’s character. Guess it’s harder than one would think!

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6. Director Judd Apatow had reached out to Amy about making the movie with her after he heard her doing an interview with Howard Stern.

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7. According to reports, Judd couldn’t stop laughing when he met Amy. Apparently, he was shocked at how funny she was while they were talking about the troubles of her dad’s illness.

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8. Fun fact: Amy wrote the script with Judd Apatow in mind. I can’t imagine how Amy felt writing a script and having the hopes and dreams to have Judd Apatow as the director and having her dreams come true.

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9. Judd wanted Bill to get the male lead role but wasn’t sure how he and Amy would interact. So he arranged the two to get dinner while Judd watched them interact behind a secret screen test.

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10. Remember Aaron’s story about his first kiss? Well, it’s actually how Bill’s first kiss happened. Amy wrote it into the script because she loved it…especially how Bill retold it!

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That’s pretty cool how that happened. I guess during a casual, normal conversation, you never expect a weird personal story to actually make it into a movie! That’s a huge confidence booster…even if the story is awkward.

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11. The infamous photo of Daniel Radcliffe walking probably a million dogs is actually from the movie! The internet thought that he actually quit acting to be a dog walker…even Daniel himself thought it was pretty hilarious.

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12. Amy really wanted LeBron James to be in the movie. Amy even wrote the exact type of Tom Ford suits that he would be wearing in the film! She hoped that that would make him want to accept the role…and he did!

13. Apparently, the hardest scenes for Amy to shoot were the scenes where she’s fighting with Brie Larson’s character. The scenes really hit home for her because Brie’s character was based on Amy’s sister in real life.

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