Zomato Hacked, Passwords Of 17 Million Users Available On Dark Web


Firstly the WannaCry attack and now Zomato getting hacked, it seems that the technology world desperately needs to get offline. A technology website called, HackRead confirmed the data leak of around 17 Million users, which is now available on DarkWeb for sale. For those of you who don’t know DarkWeb, it is actually World Wide Web network that exists but is not available in front part of the internet, basically, it needs specific software and authorization to access.
According to the report, the data breach was performed on May 2017 only, and thus it can include the latest sign ups.
Zomato has around 90 Million monthly visitors and the company ranks at 155th position on Alexa rank of India. It might come as a shock that it’s hacked but the famous online food guide app was hacked in 2015 too by an ethical hacker, Anand Prakash, who gained tonnes of sensitive data of the company and shared the same with the company itself.

Password and Email address

Password and Email address

The sensitive data includes the passwords and email address of the registered users, which is being sold by a vendor named “nclay” on the dark web.


The price of the deal which includes 17 Million entries is being up for just USD 1001. The data is available in the md5 format.

The hack is real

The vendor “nclay” also provided some sample accounts, which were actually found registered on Zomato.

To verify the authenticity of the email addresses, HackRead performed a forgot password check to conclude if the email address exists or not. Upon submitting the email id, the reset link was successfully forwarded to the registered email address as well.

HackRead also informed Zomato about the data breach but there is no confirmation from the company as of now.

Twitter explodes with tweets on the same!

‘s 17 million registered users’ data hacked, and a vendor ‘nclay’ is selling that data on a popular Dark Web marketplace.