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In most of our cases, they are all the therapy we need. They are the reason why we remember them first when the shit goes down. Friends, lovers come and go, but parents are always there for you.

1. They love you

Not the one where if you do not turn out to be the person expected you are not loved. They will always love you. They may not show it because you are such an asshole, but they do.

 2. They get you

The kind that you have been crying because of days and days and you keep it inside and it weighs on you like a big boulder. You wait, hoping for it to pass, hiding the pain inside you, and your parents take one glance at you and go, “What happened? What did you do now?”

This is because you peed your pants in your childhood and expected to hide it, but they knew then and they know now, and they will always know.

 3. Its OK

No, you are not exactly the most affectionate guy and your heart is made of stone and you are devoid of all emotions and nothing can sway you, but when it does, because life’s turmoil can put to submission even the most stoic of people, there is nothing more comforting than your mom’s love and your dad’s grunt of acknowledgement, when facing the injustices of life.

 4. They are always there

You smug bastards, living your life at breakneck speeds, you roam the cities all night, you pick fights with dangerous people, you commit a felony and you thought you will get away with it. Who do you call when the shit gets so real, that even your friends flee your side?

 5. It’s been so long. Come home, we miss you

You may fight with the whole wide world. You may be shunned by everyone you know, a modern untouchable. All doors may have been shut in your face. God forbid you get the most lethal form of a communicable disease.

Drenched in the rain, in the dark with a bag of your clothes is all you have left, and whose door do you knock? You will always have a place to sleep and warm food after that door opens.

 6. They are your batman

When you are broke because you made the wrong stock market move, you may be neck deep in student loans, you are short on your rent and electricity bills, or maybe you need that money to party for the New Year’s bash. They will protect you; however, bad you may have fucked up. They will take the damage and take it willingly.

 7. They are truthful

You are a jackass, a gambler, a drunkard, a lazy bum, your girlfriend is ugly and your friends are bad company, even your best one. You may be any of that and they will call it. There is no pretence, no political correctness. In a world, where everyone is so intensely trying to make everyone happy, they will always call a spade a spade, and it is refreshing.

 8. They truly worry

Those 2000 texts and calls by your mom, when you didn’t pick up her call – once.

 9. They truly care

You may have found the love of your life and you spend every living second talking to them, but relationships may end, people may stop caring, they get that distance and feelings go away. Not for your parents.

They will always truly care.