Why do Men Rape?

Rape is a heinous crime and every adult in his/her right mind knows it. Still, there is no dearth of rape cases in spite of the law becoming strict. Why is it so? Why do men rape women? What do they gain by forcing themselves on a woman?
Studies show that the reason for rape is not just sexual gratification. There are many other psychological factors which influence men who rape women. Let us look closely at these factors:

  • Expressing Power: Men are always taught that they are superior to women and have a right to control them. This idea is further ingrained into their minds by media. Though most men understand this to be an exaggeration, a few believe in this and feel they need to show their power on the weaker sex which leads them to raping women to show their manliness.
  • Dealing with Rejection: Some men rape women to appease their heart which might have been broken by rejection from a member of the opposite sex. These men feel ashamed of having been rejected and thus, make up for it by overpowering some other woman and raping her. Generally, these men rape a woman who might resemble the woman who rejected them in the past.
  • Revenge: Few men use rape as a weapon to avenge themselves. For example, if a man feels that his manhood is being threatened by a woman or if a woman has a hurt him, he would rape her to get his revenge. In some cases, these men could also rape a woman who looks like a particular woman or any random woman just to appease their feelings.
  • Feeling Superior: As pointed out earlier, men have been brought up to feel superior. But there are men who might actually be low on self confidence and might have an inferiority complex. Most men would find a way to overcome this feeling, but mentally disturbed men would try to overpower and rape a woman to feel superior.
  • To Control: Sometimes men might feel that they are not able to control their lives or a particular situation. Instead of finding a way to get control, they actually go ahead and try to control a person who is not powerful enough to fend off their moves. In most cases this is a woman, whom the men rape to feel that they are in control of a situation.
  • Compensation: Men, who do not have a good social life and have no luck with women, might resort to rape to compensate for lack of companionship and love in their lives.

Though every rapist’s mind works differently these are the most common factors that influence a man to rape a woman.
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