Asiatic Grass Frogs—also knows as “Chinese brown frog“—are a protected species of wild amphibians, that the Chinese traditional medicine industry have been using as an ingredient for a beauty product knows as “Hasma“.


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The cruel production involves drying female frogs to death to assure they are the “highest quality” and harvesting their fallopian tubes to create the ingredients for the medicine.

The effects of the beautifying supplement are said to be youthful skin, decreased wrinkles, and even a remedy for stomach ulcers.

Associate professor from the School Of Chinese Medicine and the University Of Hong Kong Chen Jianping explains:

“Pure hasma should be made from the fallopian tubes of female Asiatic grass frogs.

“However today, the hasma (on the market) might contain fallopian tubes, ovary or fat tissues from any frog families.”

The frogs are hung up for sale outside of Chinese shops. One shop owner states, “The hanging method can ensure that the hasma can be extracted at its best quality“.


The Daily Mail adds:

“In addition to the air-drying process, extra steps are apparently taken to the frogs in order to produce the best hasma.

“According to Pixpo, when the frogs are captured they are cruelly knocked out with electricity before being hung up for about 20 to 30 days until they die.”


Hasma is a favored and popular health supplement that has been used for hundreds of years by Chinese women:

The traditional beauty product has been used since the 16th century, when legendary herbologist Li Shizhen wrote in her book Ben Cao Gang Mu, which is described as “the most complete and comprehensive medical book ever written in the history of traditional Chinese medicine.”

In addition to being a superficial product, Hasma is also said to help woman increase their energy levels during pregnancy and reduce fatigue.

48-year-old mother Regina Lo stated that she habitually ingested the Hasma supplement back in 2002 when she was pregnant.


She explains:

“I used to have it once every week, boil them and pour in milk or sugar and eat it as dessert.

“I didn’t see any difference, but psychologically I felt my skin got smoother and more glowing.”

Unfortunately the medicine has a few drawbacks as high consumption comes with a risk of cancer.

Shanghai University doctor Sun Linong warned, “Medicinal foods of animal origin, such as hasma and propolis (a resinous substance produced by bees), we have to be cautious.”

Among being a health supplement, the frogs have many uses in Asia, including many food recipes:

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