After finding these math hacks, I’m convinced that all those years of being forced to struggle through math class really was just a torture ploy created by evil math teachers everywhere. Check out these amazing math tips and you’ll agree! Watch out though, you may just unleash the inner math whiz you never knew was in you…

1. How To Convert Fahrenheit To Celsius

As if it was this simple all along…


2. How To Multiply Large Numbers In Your Head


3. How To Multiply By 11

Finally! I can now multiply more than single digits by 11 in my head.


4. Secret To Remembering The Numbers In Pi


5. How To Find Fractions Of Whole Numbers


6. How To Figure Out What Day Of The Week Falls On What Date…

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7. How To Add And Subtract Fractions


8. How To Figure Out Multiples Of Nine


9. How To Use Your Hands For 5, 6, And 9 Times Tables

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10. How To Figure Out Percentages


11. How To Remember Which Sign Is Greater Than And Which Is Less Than


12. Use Lines To Multiply


The above is actually a method used often by the Japanese. Here is video demonstrating:

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