There’s a belief that our birthmarks can indicate what would be our fate in the future. It is often dismissed as a fact by some as we are now living in the world of emerging technology and changing beliefs. But there was a study that claims that are Birthmarks can be linked to our violent deaths in our past lives.


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Dr. Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia studied that there are many cases wherein birthmarks can be related to past lives. Tucker continues the work of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, who have investigated 210 cases of children with birthmarks or defects that can be connected to memories they acquired from their respective past lives.

An example of this belief was the case of an old woman from Thailand who had a dying wish of being reincarnated as a boy. Her daughter fulfilled her wish by dipping a finger on white paste and marked her mother’s neck with the paste. The wish was fulfilled as the daughter gave birth to a boy with a startling white mark on the back of his neck. The striking resemblance cannot be denied. When the boy got old enough to talk, he was said to have claimed his grandmother’s belongings as though they’d always been part of his possession.


Another case is from the boy who was born in India without fingers on his right hand. The boy was able to remember his past life in which he was also a boy who had his fingers amputated after sticking them in a fodder chopping machine. The violent incident mirrored on the boy’s recent life as he was born without fingers.


Also a boy from Turkey remembered having been shot and killed at close range on his ear and he got born on his new life with malformed ear.


Another boy named Maha Ram in India could also remember being murdered in his previous life with a use of a shotgun that fired at close range. The birthmarks on Ram’s chest corresponded to the bullet wounds.

According to a research, A boy who died a violent death on his past life can have the marks of the violent death when he became reincarnated to another life.

The veracity of this belief remains to be a mystery as not anyone of us can prove that we have been reincarnated to the people that we are right now. But one thing is sure to be true, The young boys’ ability to remember their past life is really impressive.