These Travel Expectations Vs Reality Photos Are Enough To Bust Your Next Travel Plans

The Great Wall of China is not so great! *Sadness*

Often we hear, work hard and party even harder. Here, with party, we would like to mean travel. For it is as or even more therapeutic than a night party. And when we put all our hard-earned money on a trip to exotic locations of the world, we are in a realm that we will get to see as serene places as shown by the travel websites. Wait right there! Let us tell you that most of the clicks are simple baits, to extract that money out of you! For what you expect after travelling to those highly coveted locations is highly disheartening.

Here are some of the clicks that are an eye-opener to the travellers around the world. For you and us, too. We often work to travel to that exotic place next on our list, be it the Louvre museum in France or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Looking at their picturesque photographs, we have surely fascinated visiting them atleast once in our life. But, what is heartbreaking is the crowded reality of the places, that is not shown in the photographs.

Do not get disheartened, but think of better locations, which are atleast near to expectations or even reality, for that matter.

#1. The Taj Mahal, in India.


Well, it is the pollution around the monument that has taken its lustre.

#2. The Sydney Opera House, Australia


It is a wonder for a lot of people and is a handsome attraction, too.

#3. Niagara Falls Toronto, Canada


Gosh! The turquoise shades of water and the rising steam are simply breathtaking. But the long queues are equally annoying.

#4. Antelope Canyon Arizona, USA


This vividly beautiful place looks serene and not much explored. But this world is a very small place, everyone knows every place. *Facepalm*

#5. The Acropolis Of Athens, Greece


A place of historical importance, but looks important for too many of them. *Heartbreak*

#6. Camping in The Himalayas


You do not get what you expect, atleast in reality! Maybe the Himalayas are serene only in the movies.

#7. Sheep Meadow, in New York’s Central Park, United States


An evening stroll at this place will be superb. But, everyone will love to flock here.

#8. The Howrah Bridge in Kolkata, India


A vibrant click that has transported us to the place, now. But to get us back, immediately!

#9. The Forbidden City in Beijing, China


Looks forbidden for the world, but open for us. But in reality, people love to trod the forbidden road!

#10. Admiring the Wat Rong Khun Temple in Thailand


It looks picture perfect, but is perfect only in the picture.

#11. In front of the ancient Temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt


That is lit so beautifully. But pity us! It is an attraction for many. Just look at the number of heads at the place. Oh, God!

#12. To enjoy James Bond Island in Thailand…


For your honeymoon, maybe. But a lot of people also know about the place. Maybe a change of venue would do.

#13. The Hall Of Mirrors in The Palace Of Versailles, France


Grand, elegant and mind-blowingly beautiful. But stepping a foot in is an ordeal.

#14. The Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada


Thin pathway, in a forest, looks like an adventurous trail. But even a suspension bridge would be so crowded, is something unexpected.

#15. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Japan


Eye-poppingly mesmerising. But reality gets bombarded with the crowd.

#16. The Blooming Sakura Trees, Japan.


This is surely on our list, next. But struck off, after looking at the reality.

#17. The amazing architecture of Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain


Situated at the perfect corner. But reality is not so perfect.

#18. The breathtaking Machu Picchu scenery, Peru


Suits my laptop wallpaper, to be next on my itinerary. But looks like a lot of people already have this screensaver.
*Tears rolling down*

#19. Tasting Thailand’s Exotic Food In Bangkok, Thailand


Expecting all the fresh stuff, to be served in a boat, but reality is something else.

#20. The St. Peter’s Square that is before Basilica in Vatican City

But the crowd at the place is a big turn-off.

#21. Expecting a family time at a water park.


And enjoying with kids in a pool. Only to realise later on, that this world is your family!
We hope this piece helped you get a reality check for your next holiday.

Have a happy yet fulfilling or rather, a ‘worth it’ vacation.

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