Terrifying Vision Of What Happens When You Offer A Chip To A Seagull

As far as birds go, there are few as universally despised as the seagull.

Sure, the bush turkey makes a bloody mess and no one wants to touch a scummy ibis, but seagulls are the scabs of the feathered world.

The pelican from Finding Nemo was right when he called them “rats with wings”.

These scumbags will pounce on literally any food item they come across and are even worse than your “not hungry” sister who decides to sneak a chip from your plate once you’ve already ordered.


Seagulls are ruthless in their quest for your chippies, sandwiches and, heck, they’ve even been known to take off with entire chicken schnitties.

They show no mercy and will stop at nothing until they’ve robbed you of both your greasy treats and your dignity.

Case and point, this poor, poor woman who will probably be forever traumatised from her seagull encounter on Clearwater Beach, Florida.

She offered a chip to the winged demons and of course they swarmed on her.

It makes for terrifying footage.

But it also serves as a lesson for all of us: never, ever feed the birds.

They will come for you.

They will come for your very soul.