Surprising Facts about Human Body

The human body is an amazing creation of God. Day by day research and studies come up with very interesting facts about the human body and leave us awestruck and amazed. There are things that go on in our bodies, things we have no idea about as we go on about our day. Be it your new found height in the morning or how many times your heart beats per day, here are few most fascinating facts about your body.

Shedding of skin

Just like any snake or spider, the human body is known to shed skin. And the most interesting part is that it sheds 6,00,000 particles of skin every hour. The dead skin is itself removed by the body and all it asks is just a tender care and love to look youthful and amazing.

Our feet and age

This pair takes us everywhere, from our morning walk to our office and heading back to home, they are left tired and numb as we are. We disturb them equally and harass them every day. What actually is interesting about them is that they are as big as our age. The ligaments in our feet begin to wear down making them wider. So, as we age, the feet of ours get bigger.

Healthy lungs

Healthy lungs look pink and rubbery on the outside. The more you smoke though, the more tarry and black they become. This can have a serious effect on quality of life, and can even cause bubbles rupturing in your lungs.

Dreaming in black and white

12% of people dream in black and white. What’s weirder is that human beings used to sleep and dream in black and white even more before color TV. The average person still dreams in color, but it’s interesting to see how the human brain is susceptible to media.

Your blood vessels could circle the globe

Though people have small blood vessels, the networking is amazingly long. If they were laid out they would measure more than 60,000 miles. Please don’t do that though, it’s good to keep your vessels in your body.

The average human adult has 2000-4000 taste buds

They aren’t only located on the tongue. These tiny sense organs that give us the ability to taste are also located in the back of your throat, your nose, and your esophagus. That’s right, your nose doesn’t just smell; it can taste too! The sense of smell is a very important component of tasting.

Your skin has 1000 different species of bacteria

Your skin is vital in protection of the body against bacteria (the skin itself has 1000 different species of bacteria on it at any given time), which is why the outer layer of your skin continually renews itself. The entire process of skin cell renewal takes about 28 days.

Sweat glands

You have between 2 and 5 Million sweat glands, and the more active you are, the more you sweat. That’s because the body recognizes that you need to cool off so you can continue to work out. Stress sweat and regular sweat are composed of different things. Stress fat has fatty acids in it, where regular sweat doesn’t.

You’re taller in the morning

Measure yourself in the morning, then again at night. You’re going to be taller in the morning because of how the cartilage in your bones compresses during the day.

Butt and lips

A bit uneasy but there are some facts that would swirl your head go merry go round and one such fact is that the butt and lips have the same work. The motion of lips when we say “poop” is the same motion of our butts when they poop.

She colder than he

Women are known to have more fats than men and so have a warmer core. But an interesting fact in the list is, though the fats thing makes women warmer than men, the transporting of less blood to their extremities makes women feel colder.

No poop and this would happen

This one is the most interesting one. According to studies, if a woman stops pooping for a good period, she would start looking just like a pregnant woman.