The Most Beautiful Girl Alive

Colgate has the kind of beauty many women are prepared to pay a lot of money for. The kind of beauty that artists, scientists, and mathematicians have struggled for centuries to figure out. Florence Colgate has a perfectly symmetrical face, with large eyes, full lips and high cheekbones.

Florence hails from a British seaside town, studied at the Dover Grammar School and worked a job at the Middle Street Fish Bar. In 2012, she won a natural beauty competition sponsored by Lorraine Cosmetics. The competition based its results on a proportional beauty theory. As it turns out, Florence’s face is not only naturally beautiful, but science considers her face “near-perfect.” As a result, she emerged from complete obscurity and into internet stardom.

Researchers who have studied attractiveness say that on a perfect face, the distance between pupils is 46% of the width of the face from ear to ear; Florence’s is 44%. The distance between the eyes and mouth should be a third of the length of the face; Florence’s is 32.8%. This reminds me of the young Russian model Kristina Pimenova, who is considered by many as the most beautiful girl in the world. It may be surprising to some, but Florence is a humble, down-to-earth person. She attributes her beauty to her confidence and inner happiness.