Red Spots on Various Parts of Your Body May Be Sign of Serious Diseases

Have you noticed any red spots on your skin that usually appear on the chest? These marks are called “ruby points” and are very common in people aged 40-45. However, sometimes they can also appear during the adolescent years.


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They are small capillary dilations which occur due to vascular system failure and most often appear on the arms or chest. They might either appear scattered throughout the skin or concentrated on a smaller area; if they are focused on a smaller area, they may be small benign tumors.

Are they a concern? How can they be removed?

So should you be worried if you notice those red dots? In most of the cases they do not come with any risk to our health, but if they appear on area that is visible to others, then people will get uncomfortable and that is why they will want to remove them.

The red dots are benign tumors, or to be more specific they are non-carcinogenic. According to experts this is something similar to varicose veins but perpendicular to skin.

You may also have neurofibromatosis. If they start to raise up into bumps (sort like inflated skin tags) then you definitely have it. Go to your dermatologist and they can remove them if they are big enough or if they are somewhere that is uncomfortable.