Are You Ready For The April Pink Full Moon?

If you’re interested in freaky skies, have we ever got a treat for you: April 11th this year means a pink full moon.


Let’s answer a few questions about this upcoming lunar treat.

1. Why’s it called the pink full moon? Is this some sort of blood reference?
Nope! Each full moon has various names according to various native calendars, and one of the names for the April full moon is the pink full moon, as a result of phlox’s early pink blooms. This year’s April full moon could also be called an egg moon, or a sprouting grass moon, according to other traditions.
2. But this means the moon is feminine, right? I knew it!
Well…not quite. This depends on your tradition, too, as some languages consider it masculine (German and Sanskrit, for instance) and others feminine (French, for instance), but in English, nouns aren’t assigned gender, which we suppose means you can decide for yourself!
How you feel about the moon is ultimately up to you, but for many each full moon is a moment for restoration and renewal, just as each new moon can be a fresh start.
3. But…the pink moon will change me, right?
Only as you want it to, as you’re in control of your life, after all. That said, some astrologers do refer to the April full moon as “Lady Luck” as we near Jupiter, so maybe you should expect good in your future.
And if you still have work to do in your life before the full moon? You have time – make the most of it!
Enjoy the video below for more information: