25 Rules of Etiquette That Makes Us Gentlemen


Regrettably, there are many people out there who consider respecting the rules of etiquettes to be embarrassing. As it is now, merely a feature of sophisticated connoisseurs who are far away from real life. But in its essence, the rules of etiquettes are pretty much basic. It boils down to your manner of speech, common courtesy, appearing neat & tidy, and composure over emotions.

Tapoos puts forward the decorum rules, which every self-respecting human being should be aware of.

• There is a difference between when you say ‘I invite you’ and ‘let’s go out and have dinner’. In the former, you pay for it and in the latter you go Dutch. Also, a man can only offer to pay for a woman, it is up to her to agree or disagree.

• Visiting someone without prior notice isn’t the best of courses to take. Imagine if someone came to pay you a visit without proper notice, you might be wearing pyjamas and a facemask. Moreover, naturally nobody wants to be seen in their worst. An old British woman used to wear shoes and take up her umbrella when surprise guests showed up. She would pretend to be leaving if they were people she didn’t like and would pretend to be getting home if they were in her good books.

• Never, ever place your cell phone on the table while meeting somebody. This is a clear hint to your invitee that your phone is more important than their presence. It also hints at the gathering being boring and you are clearly disinterested. Nothing can be more demeaning than subtle hints which can easily be perceived as insults. Your Instagram feed and Angry Birds levels can surely wait a few more hours.

• Make sure you keep your phone away when on a date. Nobody likes dates where the texts are prioritized over people.

• A true gentleman never carries a woman’s handbag for her. He would gladly carry her other belongings but never the handbag.

• While walking or sitting at a coffee shop, if your companion meets somebody, it’s necessary that you greet them properly. It is the first sign of a humble person.

• It is a common misconception that sushi can only be eaten with chopsticks. Men can easily eat sushi with their hands, it all depends on the situation.

• Make it a point to keep your shoes clean. Always!

• Don’t indulge in small, meaningless conversation over the telephone. If you really need to talk some important stuff, it’s always better to meet face to face and talk.

• If offended by someone in public, it’s better to just smile and leave rather than stooping down to their level and returning the favour in kind.

• A real gentleman always walks on the left side of a woman. Except military men. They need to be ready to salute at all times.

• Splashing puddles on passers-by while driving is an epitome of amoral behaviour.

• Be sure to keep these 9 things secret if you want to be respected: age, wealth, religion, medical problems, love affairs, family quarrels, gifts, honours and disgrace.

• In a cinema hall, theatre or concert hall, always proceed to your seat with your face towards the audience and back towards the performers. And if you’re a man, you need go in first.

• A gentleman never touches a woman without her consent. It includes even the slightest of touches. It is only gentle man like to hold her while helping her get out of the car or crossing busy streets.

• When called rudely, don’t reply. Everyone should be a model of etiquette and social manners.

• While using perfumes, moderation is the key. If everyone can smell it in the evening, they’re also probably tired of it too.

• A well-groomed man will necessarily show proper respect to a woman.

• Men may only smoke in front of a woman with her permission.

• When entering a room, it is obligatory upon you to greet everyone first.

• Everyone’s privacy should be respected. Be it your children’s or your spouse’s. Prying through letters or text messages is considered to be extremely rude.

• It’s not always wise to follow fashion trends. Wearing nice, clean clothes is better than looking ridiculous in brand new designs.

• Once forgiven after an apology, the subject should not make it to future conversations. An avoidance of the actions are enough to prove you are sorry. The offensive subject should just be left alone.

• Laughing and talking too loudly is considered insulting. So is staring inappropriately at people.

• Never take your loved ones for granted. And don’t forget to thank them. They are there for you because they want to out of desire.

Appreciate them whenever you can.

As Jack Nicholson, an American actor said:

’I think much of decency. How to pass a plate. Not to shout from one room to another. Not to open a closed door without knocking. Let a lady pass. The aim of these endless simple rules is to make life better. I pay close attention to my manners. Etiquette matters. It’s a simple and comprehensible language of mutual respect.’

Let’s respect each other!

As Jack Nicholson puts it

“I hold decency on a high pedestal. Small details like passing a plate, shouting across the room, not opening doors without knocking, letting the ladies pass first. All these details add aesthetic to life only to make it a pleasurable experience. I pay close attention to my manners. It is a universal language of mutual respect.”