How to Detect 2-way Mirror in Changing Room?

Instances of two-way mirrors being installed in the changing rooms for female are not so uncommon. It’s practically impossible to tell just by looking. Then how do you find out what kind of mirror it is that you are staring at?

If you’re in a public place and in an area where you’d expect privacy, such as a restroom, it’s unlikely and illegal to have a two-way mirror. Many places, such as gas stations, will use one way metal mirrors because glass mirrors can be destroyed by users. If the mirror in question is metal, then it is not a two-way mirror.

When you are in a changing room, hotel room or bathroom, do you know if the seemingly innocent mirror hanging on wall is an ordinary one? How do you know it isn’t a two-way mirror, where they will be able to see you but won’t see them?

While it is not completely accurate, you can use your fingernail to determine if the mirror is a first or a second surface mirror. Simply place your fingernail on the surface of the mirror. When you touch your fingernail to a second surface mirror, you can’t touch your own reflection; instead, you will see a gap caused by a second layer of glass over the mirrored surface. When you touch your finger to a first surface mirror, you can touch your own reflection, since there’s no additional layer of glass in between. First surface mirrors are very rare, so if you find one there’s likely to be a very specific reason and it’s very possible that it’s a two-way mirror. Second surface mirrors are your ubiquitous everyday mirrors.

Due to variables like lighting and the material with which the mirror is manufactured, it can be really difficult to tell whether you are truly touching your reflection or not. You might think you’re touching a first surface mirror when you’re actually not.

Also, it’s possible for a two-way mirror to be a second surface mirror. If other aspects of the situation, like the mirror’s setting and lighting, have indicated that what you’re seeing is a two-way, don’t let the fingernail test be the deciding factor.

This no-cost “fingernail test” was passed on by a policewoman who travels all over the US and gives seminars and techniques for businesswomen. It takes literally no time! Keep in minds that if there is no space then leave the place. Pass it on to the females you know for their benefit.

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