Relax and Feel Fresh Simply by Using Acupressure


This is an easy to do 10 minute exercise for hand reflexology to give you a relaxed and fresh body. You would just need to pinch every finger tip as well as thumb of the right hand for few seconds. After that, simply reverse and then repeat the same process on the left hand too. […]

Amazing benefits to Your Body When You are Fasting


The liver and muscles store the glucose and release it into the bloodstream whenever the body needs it. However, this process changes during fasting.  Fasting mode then becomes the more serious starvation mode. At this point, a person’s metabolism slows down, and their body begins burning muscle tissue for energy. While fasting is nothing new, it is experiencing resurgence in popularity as many discover […]

Empaths will Hide These Facts from You

Woman with insomnia lying in bed with open eyes

Being an empath is not about having the ability to feel sympathy. Sympathy is when we feel a sense of care and concern for other people. When we sympathize with someone, it means we feel compassion for them and hope that their situation improves. Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others. When someone […]

Where Does Our Soul Travel While We Dream?


A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreaming is an aspect to many native cultures, in fact, children from a very tender age are taught to keep a record of their dreams because every dream holds a deep meaning and is […]

Surprising Facts about Human Body


The human body is an amazing creation of God. Day by day research and studies come up with very interesting facts about the human body and leave us awestruck and amazed. There are things that go on in our bodies, things we have no idea about as we go on about our day. Be it […]

How to Know Your Partner Has no Respect for You?


Respect is often noted as key for a healthy and successful relationship. When one person in a relationship constantly feels like he or she is disrespected, it can lead to resentment that can be hard to bounce back from. Respect should be a two-way street. In a healthy relationship that lasts, each partner needs to […]

The Wonderful Facts about Human Mind


Human Mind is a wonderful masterpiece that has immense potentials. Most of its potentials, however, remain unused in most people, since it is not us who are in charge of things, but our Mind takes control of us. In order to control something, we first need to know the thing concerned so, we must know our Mind so as to […]

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