Mom’s Tired Of Nasty Comments While Breastfeeding, Posts Poem That’s Spreading Like Wildfire

Mom’s Tired Of Nasty Comments While Breastfeeding, Posts Poem That’s Spreading Like Wildfire

Public breastfeeding has caused controversy all across the United States. But let’s face it — it’s just baby food, people! Women all across the world have been taking a stand and being proud advocates for breastfeeding. Public or not.


Whether you think it’s appropriate or not, it’s really just a personal preference. One thing we can all agree on, is that no one likes a crying baby, right? So, if the mom can feed them on the spot to calm them down, why not?

Many mothers believe it’s their right to be able to feed their baby wherever they want and whenever they want — if a baby needs food, no mother wants to deny their baby of that.

One mom named Whitney Huntwork was sick and tired of the negative comments and nasty looks she’d get while breastfeeding her baby — so, she took to Facebook.

Whitney decided to post a picture of her breastfeeding her son in the grocery, standing proudly with her head held high. Not only was the image powerful and beautiful, but she had an amazing poem to go along with it.

Whitney posted the photo and poem in the Breastfeeding Mama Talk group on Facebook and people were obsessed. It began to circulate the internet and be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

The breastfeeding mom’s hilarious, Dr. Seuss-type poem resonated with tons of moms and caught the attention of thousands.

Since it’s been posted, it’s been shared over 140,000 times — a reaction that the amazing mom probably never anticipated. People on the internet are absolutely loving her silliness about the topic.

People from all over are giving praise to Whitney’s hilarious, yet powerful post.

Whitney’s poem is still spreading like wildfire and moms everywhere are giving her a round of applause. What do you think of her bold statement?

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