The Jaw Dropping Reality Behind E-Cigarettes: It’s 10x Cancer Risky

A research in Japan has come to the conclusion that e-cigarettes contain 10 times the level of cancer-causing agents compared to the ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Believing that hitting e-cigarettes as a less risky alternative for smoking real cigarettes made e-cigarette such a popular trend. Electronic nicotine products were thought to pose little health risks compared to normal cigarettes that is why most people would go for e-cigarettes instead of tobacco based ones.

People are fond of buying e-cigs because of the fact that the body of an e-cig is a collectible. Now with different designs, E-cigs not only become a smoking addiction but also a fashion trend.

Shocking Contents Found in E-Cigarettes

This Japanese Ministry of Health commissioned research found a series of shocking contents found in e-cigarette flavors. Adding injury to the wound, these chemicals can be vessels to future drug resistant and life threatening pathogens

Aside from the Japanese Research, the Food and Drug Agency in America reviewed 18 different e-cig cartridges. They found out that all of them had in fact carcinogenic chemicals. This is most probably because there is no existing agency that can look at and provide standards for making e-cig contents.

Here are the toxic chemicals found in the 18 E-Liquids

1 Formaldehyde

This is a strong cancer-causing substance. In fact, it is so strong that it is widely used to preserve dead bodies for a long period of time. It is a chemical used to make fungicide, germicide and others. In other words, it is a strong drug that is mainly used to kill organisms and it’s slowly killing yours.


2 Acetaldehyde

It is the chemical that gives you that hard-rock hangover. Even if it is the reason why you get those horrible morning headaches after a nice night out, you end up having way too much into your system that the chemical actually stays in it. It is potentially damaging for the human body because it is a chemical that literally affects a person’s DNA.

3 Nicotine

An Addictive ingredient found in all types of cigarettes. It is a stimulant that affects the brain making your blood pressure rise up, your breathing shorten and your heart rate speed up. People get addicted to smoking mostly because of Nicotine.

4 Glycerin

Glycerin is a common chemical put in drugs and cosmetics. It’s odorless, colorless but not tasteless. Glycerin is relatively a sweet substance. It is also a chemical that is sold over-the-counter. There were numerous health risks indirectly linked to glycerin.

5 Propylene Glycol (PG)

It is a chemical normally said to be generally ‘safe’ to be put in food, drugs and cosmetics only IF used in controlled amounts. This 100% lab-created substance can pose potential dangers to the body like lung exasperation and eye irritation. It is a chemical that is potentially harmful with people who have lung problems like asthma and emphysema.

6 Artificial Flavor

With the growing number of e-liquid flavors— like cherry, cinnamon, mint, tobacco, etc.— they’re bound to have been chemically made. There are plenty of chemicals making up the contents of artificial flavoring but he most common of all is substance named, diacetyl. This is a substance that causes respiratory obstruction.


7 Acrolein

It is a chemical that comes from glycerin when glycerin is exposed to high temperature. This is a chemical product that immediately attacks the lungs. Acrolein damages the lungs and even the surrounding organs like the heart.

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