We every day come across many alien invasion news and the possibility of alien life and what not. We have also been lately discussing more and more about time traveling and that many scientists have claimed that time travel is possible. We have had many stories of people who travel in time. Here, we have a recent story of a man who swears that he has time traveled. Read what actually happened.


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It all happened on October 2nd when a man named Bryant Johnson was arrested by the Casper Police in charge of being too much drunk in public. He was standing on the side of the street and when the police went to arrest him, he said that he had time traveled from the year 2048. The Casper Police took it to be an actual drinking case.


Johnson kept on telling that he was a guy from 2048 and that he had time traveled to warn the people that aliens would attack them the very next year. Not only this, he also said that aliens had actually filled his body with alcohol after which he stood on a huge pad and was then transported to 2017. He also said that he should have been transported to 2018 but had ended up landing a year earlier.


According to the Casper Police, Johnson was first arrested as he had bloodshot, watery eyes, he garbled while speaking and a strong smell of alcohol was coming from him. He also created a lot of disturbance when he was taken to the emergency room. The Casper Police Force then gave him a breath test and came to know that his alcohol content was 136. After this, the Casper Police force is in no mood to believe Johnson’s time travel story.


Well! It is a big question and many stories, that people claim are true, say that time travel is possible. A leading astrophysicist said that time travel is possible. He also revealed how astronauts could time travel. Many scientists claim that it has happened as it was said that astronaut Sergei Krikalev is in the future by 0.02 seconds after he spent 804 days in space, all thanks to time dilation. So what do you think the real truth can be and what do you really think about time travel? Let us know by sharing your comments.

Source : 9unknownfacts.com