Jadav Payeng : The Villageman That Turned a Barren Wasteland into a 1,360 Acre Forest


After finding dead snakes washed up onto a barren wasteland in 1979, village-man Jadav Payeng — just 16 years old at the time — decided to start planting some trees to create a habitable environment for animals to live.

But what he ultimately accomplished, was something no one could have anticipated;

To put this into a different perspective, Jadav created a forest bigger than the entire Central Park in New York City!

forest man jadav

The beautiful forest today houses elephants, Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, more than 100 deer and rabbits, along with apes, birds, and vultures, amongst other animals.

This humble villager has shown how powerful the human spirit truly is. Respect my brother, I salute you.

You can watch an award winning short film documentary on this incredible story below;

I made also made a meme to help spread awareness about this incredible act of altruism and Humanity.

These are the types of people that deserve to be made famous; people that can offer the human race some much needed guidance.

Written by Gavin Nascimento, Founder of aNewKindOfHuman.com