The Facts And Illusions In Our Life

The irony of our life is such that when we become olde, we tend to be more tired at times and may have misleading notions that so many things we believe about ourselves might go wrong owing to illusions harbored. We finally find out after considerable time gap that much of what we have believed was untrue. We are also not able to fight back even and take a re-look into it.


Why bad things happen to good people. More often, it involves an angry attack about how the almighty keeps quite seeing this “mess of the world”. The things do not work like the way we propose or anticipate. We feel happy with the image we are having of ourselves that lead us to feel satisfied or comfortable with what we have already chosen. We will just imagine what would be in store and expected of us if the conditions are different. Say we perceive “patches” “confused tendencies”, “Not Perfect” aspects, certainly we reciprocate with corresponding effects viz., we do not look correct and quite right, intelligent or smart, lacking of right perspective, personality to accomplish or become ourselves.

Whether our Life is thus plan oriented, action oriented or result oriented? Yes it is the amalgamation of all the three which are complementing and supplementing to each other.

Now we will talk how and what we think of others. We form illusions on others knowingly or unknowingly. We create expectations on others as well. For example, our children should be adequate enough to take full or maximum marks in mathematics, our spouse should not commit flaw and should be up to the way we plan things, an incumbent or a relative should not spoil the party we have organised etc., etc., Are these mere illusions formed out of our expectations most of the time. These illusions sprung out of EXPECTATIONS and nothing else. What should have been done, what should have happened and what other should have done……… these three kind of expectations bothers us through out our life. These things lead us to anxiety and dissatisfaction.

It may be remembered here that the facts are not cause of happiness or satisfaction but the illusions are the cause of concern and misery. But it is also true that our life has to take cue from the “facts of life to turnout well” and not from the illusions which are outcome of expectation.

I would try to put it some other way as well. Some problems or complications are real, some are anticipated and some are seemingly created or fabricated because of our own fears or self-interest in people around us. People might include our family members, society or neighborhood, office where we work, profession or business we handle etc.,

We will ask questions to our selves now:

Who are We really?
Who is the Key person inside us?
Are we focussed completely on our day to day life? and
What we are upto the life that has bestowed on us.