Nanny CAM Captures Chilling Paranormal Activity

There was a time when people handed over their lives and carried out all their activities and thinking based on superstition. Today we live in the era of science, and a lot of us only believe and allow ourselves to understand things with a scientific basis or proof. But the question arises, are humans able to understand everything that goes on around us? Is there a scientific basis for everything?

As time is passing by discoveries are finding a limit and many scientists, explorers and intellectuals have become bound to accept the dead end and believe that there are things and facts beyond our thinking.

Such an incident occurred in a family where the incident that took place astonished everyone. The things that somebody hears can be chosen to believe or deny but people are usually bound to accept what they can see themselves. A little girl complained his dad regarding something weird happening in their home that made her feel uneasy. Her father, concerned and worried about her complaints decided to set up a camera and film everything that may have bothered his child.

On watching footage later, the father was shocked and mortified to actually see activities taking place at this home which he would rather choose not to believe. He saw one of his daughter’s doll which she played with everyday move on its own. The moving doll was not it, he also saw papers flying mysteriously off a table while her daughter was drawing with crayons.

People would like to believe otherwise. There are thousands of movies and videos made on paranormal activities, but the question again arises, why would a father ever create something that will leave an impact on her daughter for her entire lifetime. A relationship between a father and daughter is something that cannot be expressed by words but can be felt when the daughter needs her father and the father forgetting all his comfort comes running to be available for his daughter. The biggest aim of a father is to provide as much as he can to make his children happy and free from all trouble.

If the incident has been fabricated, then the father should never expect “The best dad” card on father’s day. But if the incident is true then this is a video proof that there are things beyond our thinking. This world is our home but we actually don’t know our home completely. There may be a life after death, maybe there is a truth behind all the scary stories that we have heard since our childhood. People can choose to ignore but can people actually choose to deny?