Dog Would Run Away Every Day to Visit His Owner Who Passed Away after Taking Care of Him

They say that animals do not have human emotions, but this dog surely missed his owner.


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Though many experts say that animals cannot exercise human emotions, many touching stories about the unique friendship between humans and canines say otherwise. There have been dogs who follow wherever their owner goes, there are those who protect and save humans, and there are those who refuse to leave their owner’s side even after the latter’s death.

Ismail Öztürk from Turkey found an abandoned puppy and decided to take him in. Ismail fed the dog, gave him shelter, and treated him like a part of his human family. He even named the dog Zozo, who would often respond to when called by the said name. Sadly, their unique and heartwarming friendship came to an end when Ismail passed away in February 10, 2014.

Ismail’s funeral was packed as many people mourned his death—including Zozo. Though the dog couldn’t cry like the humans, he was obviously affected by his owner’s death. Soon after the funeral. Zozo began running away from home every day, but nobody knew where he went exactly.

It was until Ismail’s son Zafer visited his father’s grave that he realized where Zozo went daily. When he arrived at his father’s grave, he noticed a surprising figure lying on top of his father’s grave.

The figure was actually Zozo! Though he couldn’t say or express how he feels, everybody knew Zozo misses Ismail so much. His loyalty and love towards his owner touched the hearts of many netizens.

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