Young Chinese Woman Saves a Suicidal Boy’s Life by Hugging and Kissing Him on the Lips

She pretended to be the boy’s girlfriend so police would allow her to approach him.

A woman’s romantic act of saving a young boy at a bridge in Shenzen, Guangdong, has touched the hearts of many netizens. Liu Wenxiu just passing by a pedestrian bridge in downtown Shenzhen when she spotted hundreds of onlookers watching a young man with a knife in his hand, threatening to jump.

“I saw him get more and more excited – everybody around was just looking, nobody was trying to step up and help,” said Liu, a 19-year-old hotel waitress.

He was about to take his life, but everybody just looked at him, some onlookers even taking out their phones to take videos and photos. Liu knew she had to do something or the boy may lose his life any minute. “He had to be saved – because I’ve been there before and I knew exactly how it was,” continued Liu, who had attempted suicide several times.

During an interview, Liu said she had attempted suicide many times in the past, including slashing her wrist and even attempting to jump from a building. She knew how hard it was, prompting her to step in and help the boy. The boy was outside the guardrail and only one step from falling. Local police had tried without success to persuade him to give up.

To get closer to the boy, Liu told police that she was the boy’s girlfriend and that she was the reason for his attempt on suicide. “The fact is I’d never seen him before, but that’s the only idea I could come up with at the time,” she recalled.

Liu learned that the boy’s mother had passed away and that his stepmother didn’t treat him well. Aside from maltreating him, the stepmother also left with all his father’s money. The father and son had to take part-time jobs and start their lives over again. Liu began to cry after hearing the boy’s story. She knew so well how it is to have a family like that. “Nobody in my family was happy – both of my parents spent days brawling, which left my sister and I gloomy. That boy, he was like a younger me,” Liu said.

“He told me he didn’t have a home anymore, nobody cared about him and no one trusted him. I said nothing but showed him the scars on my right wrist. I used to be suicidal – I’ve attempted cutting my artery, jumping from a high building and others,” said Liu during a local TV interview after her successful rescue.

With the boy crying even harder, Liu knew he had a sense of being understood. “He said he’s hopeless, ‘so don’t waste your time to save me’. But I told him, ‘I’m not saving your life, I just want you to realize how silly you are being. Look at me, I’ve been there and I’m now here,’” she said.

The suicide attempt by a disturbed boy turned into a romantic comedy as Liu hugged him and unexpectedly kissed him on the lips. While the crowd was cheering for them, police immediately took the knife away from the boy and pulled him to safety.

“When I kissed him and when he put his hand (with the knife) on my waist, both of us were crying so hard,” Liu said said. “But I was happy as I knew I had saved him.”

Liu said she didn’t think too much before she offered her kiss, only that she knew it would comfort him. “I simply thought he has to be stabilized, so he won’t do anything stupid. The police were near us and I didn’t worry about being pulled down by the boy,” she said.

Liu left the scene after the rescue, but was later called by the police after the boy refused to speak without her presence. “I didn’t go but we talked over the phone and exchanged our phone numbers. I promised him that I would call him later and I will, to encourage him to lead a better life,” Liu said.

Liu feels very uneasy after the accident as her mobile phone has been bombarded with calls for interviews, according to Lai Shouyan, Liu’s boss at the Hepans Taipan SPA Boutique Hotel.

“Personally I hope this doesn’t affect my work and normal life. I didn’t want to think much of the accident just like I didn’t think much when I went forward to save the boy,” Liu said. “For me the most important thing is that we live and enjoy each day.”

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