Day: 13

Common Myths That Could Actually Cause You Agonizing Pain

There’s an old wives’ tale that, should you be suffering from a cold, you should cut an onion in half and put one piece in each sock. Fortunately, thanks to science and medicine, we know that this is categorically daft. You will have incredibly smelly feet if you do this, and you’ll still have phlegm

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What’s The Absolute Worst Way To Die, According To Science?

Death is, by default, unwelcome. Most demises triggered by the natural world are relatively uneventful, but nature can be cruel and spectacularly gruesome from time to time, providing science with the unenviable task of picking apart how these deaths occurred, step-by-step. Here’s a selection of five truly awful, messy, accidental ways to hurtle into oblivion,

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